We provide the complete integrated system to manage your resources and back office functions. We understant the different needs of your businesses and hence provide the the cutomised solutions in both batch or unitary business formats.


Marketing Module

This system enables your marketing functions starting from enquiry generation to order acceptance. This system will assist you in sending proposals with reference to already processed orders. It is instrumental in saving your efforts for streamlining the communication process. It also gives clarity to manufacturing department to process the orders.

MRP Module

Proper scheduling of orders is very important because it helps in saving the inventory carring cost as well as smooth running of any business. Our MRP solution will provide the up to date information about exact requirement of materials along with timeline. Our MRP tool will help to meet the various needs of manufacturing, materials, and marketing personnel within a changing business environment.

Stores Management Module

Store management system helps in receiving and storing the material at proper location. The material is issued with reference to the work order, general maintenance and daily consumables.Because of this the inventory with its usage details is available and proper level of inventory is maintained by providing the list of items below minimum stock level to the concerned authority.

PPC Module

It helps in planning the machine resources as per orders received. It takes care of process flow path of the product to be processed with taken into consideration the availablity of the machine and cycle time for each operation. One can reschedule the processes or chages in the planning as per need. It helps in giving dispatch schedule to the customer as well as machine wise job card creation.

PMC Module

This module keeps track of input, output and breakdowns. This module gives us availability, productivity, quality and hence OEE. Thus it gives us the machine, manpower with its quality details.It also gives the probable dispatch failure.

Maintenance Module

The system gives frequency and check points for machine maintenance as per the machine requirements. This system generates, schedules and executes preventive maintenance. The system takes care of all break down maintenance time with its reason and costing. Thus it gives us idea about the new machine purchase data or scraping the existing machine.